At Merrie Loots Farm we are committed to providing good value for money for our comprehensive caring service which gives 24 hour care to those living within a residential care setting.  Fees are payable monthly in advance.

Fees are charged in accordance with the individual resident's needs and the accommodation provided.  Depending on the personal finance situation, a resident can pay the fees in the following ways:-

1.  Privately

2.  Social Services at Council contract price

3.  Council Contract price plus third party top-up

Latest comments

14.10 | 23:02

I am looking to work with you as a care support staff, I have worked with a care home for about a month were I did one to one so I have a bit of experience in taking care of the elderly

11.10 | 11:50

Hi over the past few weeks something has been bothering me, the amount of dog mess that i see outside on your decking. This is not just a one off its constant. its every time i visit.

07.10 | 11:51

I live very local to you and I was wondering if there was any job or apprentice vacancies?
Thank you

20.09 | 09:22

Hello I am a local saxophonist who understands how important music can be to people. I am offering my services at a small fee to come and entertain residents. Please contact me if you are interested.

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