Linda Legon

22.01.2018 22:39

I am looking for a residential home for my mum. Could you tell me if you have any vacancies

Chris Dearsley

23.01.2018 17:06

Hi Linda, Thanks for coming to look round this afternoon. Hope you enjoyed the visit.

Abbie tolley

29.09.2017 21:09

Hi, I live in east tilbury And was enuiring to see if you have any vacancys. I have expierence in care. Look forward to hearing from you


Jill Thompson

08.08.2017 15:10

Please could you send me a brochure

Jill Thompson

09.08.2017 09:32

Chris Dearsley

08.08.2017 15:56

Hi Jill - just e-mail me your address and I will be happy to.

Ben O'Brien

10.05.2017 09:49

Hello to whom it may concern. I live in East tilbury and was enquiring to see if you had any staff vacancies available? I look forward to your response. Ben

Chris Dearsley

10.05.2017 14:18

Hi Ben, We have no full time vacancies at present but it may be worth you coming down to get an application form to leave on file. Bring a CV too if you have one.

Christine Oates

26.01.2017 13:13

I am looking for a care home for my mother for respite in March this year from Sunday 5th March departing on Tuesday 14th March. Could you let me know if you do this and if so availability and cost.

Chris Dearsley

27.01.2017 13:21

Hi, We do cater for respite clients. We are full at present but there may be availability when we get closer to the date you require. Please give us a ring nearer the time.

Lorraine Hilton

15.12.2016 17:22

Hi it Lorraine Hilton I'm just wondering if u got any part time cleaning job going

Chris Dearsley

18.01.2017 16:01

Hi Lorraine,
No firm vacancies at present but you are welcome to come along and pick up an application form that can be kept on file if you would like to. Chris

Mrs P Yeldham

07.12.2016 23:17

Please can you send me a brochure and a current price list

Chris Dearsley

09.12.2016 11:46

Hi, Yes we do have a brochure available - could you e-mail us your address on:-
Many thanks, Chris

Rita Hurrell

31.10.2016 12:18

Hello, do you have a brochure/price you could send. Thanks.

Chris Dearsley

31.10.2016 14:28

Hi -f you leave your address on our e-mail we will be happy to forward a brochure to you.

09.09.2016 18:43

Hi Alix,

The e-mail address you need is:-

Alix Sherer

06.09.2016 15:20

Hi, we are looking around at different care homes for my nan who suffers with dementia. Was wondering if I could get a brochure sent out with more information about your residential home?


07.09.2016 23:10

Thank you. Is there an email address I can pass on my address through?

Chris Dearsley

07.09.2016 14:04

Hi Alix, Yes a brochure is available - please let us know your address and we will be happy to forward one on to you.

Latest comments

14.10 | 23:02

I am looking to work with you as a care support staff, I have worked with a care home for about a month were I did one to one so I have a bit of experience in taking care of the elderly

11.10 | 11:50

Hi over the past few weeks something has been bothering me, the amount of dog mess that i see outside on your decking. This is not just a one off its constant. its every time i visit.

07.10 | 11:51

I live very local to you and I was wondering if there was any job or apprentice vacancies?
Thank you

20.09 | 09:22

Hello I am a local saxophonist who understands how important music can be to people. I am offering my services at a small fee to come and entertain residents. Please contact me if you are interested.

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