Inspection Report


Donna Sutcliffe

20.09.2022 09:22

Hello I am a local saxophonist who understands how important music can be to people. I am offering my services at a small fee to come and entertain residents. Please contact me if you are interested.


17.04.2022 13:15

Hi, I am due to have an interview on 19th April at 10am but have been hospitalised after complications regarding chicken pox and covid (even though I've had all vaccines)
Please send my apologies to S


29.03.2022 16:15

Hi I was just wondering if you have any job openings.

Abiola adebule

20.01.2022 21:33

Good evening
My name is abiola but known as Affie when working with in merrie loots farm in2006. I live now in Paris but still dream and believe in merrie loots farms. still love to work there.

Mae Carter

10.05.2021 16:27

Good afternoon I was wondering if you have any job openings. Thank you Mae


15.04.2021 10:10

Hello. Are there any vacancies? Thanks


19.06.2020 23:42

Need to no your email address please need to ask you about Somthink

Cassie Johnson

23.06.2020 10:35

Hi Brigette,
our email address is
kind regards

Rebecca a Santoro

05.05.2020 18:11

Hi, hoping you all enjoyed the cupcakes I dropped off earlier today. It was just a token of appreciation for looking after my Nan Olga in her final days. We held her funeral today

Cassie Johnson

06.05.2020 10:30

Hi Rebecca,
The cup cakes were lovely, very much enjoyed and appreciated by both staff and residents.
We were all thinking of your nan and family and send our love and thoughts to you all.

Eileen clark

29.04.2020 08:48

Dear Cassie, Sharon and staff

Hi to all I’m Kathy Wallin’s daughter. Hope everyone is well and coping at this terrible time. Hope you received the hamper from me and Lisa and Emma. Enjoy xx

Cassie Johnson

29.04.2020 10:51

Hi Eileen,
We did receive your hamper and the staff were all very grateful and it was very much enjoyed :0)
Thank you so much for thinking of us and hope you are all keeping safe and well too. xx

Linda Corlett

17.04.2020 07:34

Dear Sharon, Cassie and all the wonderful staff at Merrie Loots. This is just to say you and Mum Delphene are constantly on our minds. Missing you all in these difficult times. Love, Linda & Da ren

Lin Musson

10.04.2020 14:06

Would it be acceptable for us to leave a box of small Treasure Hunt Easter Eggs for you?
They are normally given to school kids on last day, but due to lockdown this did not happen.

Cassie Johnson

13.04.2020 12:51

Hi Lin, so sorry for late reply, that would be lovely if still available and thank you so much for thinking of us.

Louize Kelsey

20.03.2020 08:14

Te help lift spirits? I will arrange this if you are happy to accept. We would like the elderly to know we are thinking of them during this sad time.

Louize Kelsey

20.03.2020 08:13

Good morning,
I understand you are closed and your residence have limited visitors. This must be quite a lonely and sad time for them, would accept pictures and letters from children

Steve Greenaway

18.03.2020 08:37

Are you or will you be closed to visits from relatives at the moment and if so, do you know for how long ? Thank you,

Steve Greenaway

18.03.2020 09:26

Thanks for the prompt reply Cassie

Cassie Johnson

18.03.2020 09:11

Hi Steve, yes at the moment we are closed to all but essential visits, unfortunately we do not know how long this will continue for and will continue to update as things progress.
Many thanks Cass

Gill Emberson

22.06.2019 15:42

Hi could you tell me when this years summer fun day will be please?

Thank you

jason thorndike

25.02.2019 12:46

hello. could you tell me are you classed as a nursing home?

Latest comments

14.10 | 23:02

I am looking to work with you as a care support staff, I have worked with a care home for about a month were I did one to one so I have a bit of experience in taking care of the elderly

11.10 | 11:50

Hi over the past few weeks something has been bothering me, the amount of dog mess that i see outside on your decking. This is not just a one off its constant. its every time i visit.

07.10 | 11:51

I live very local to you and I was wondering if there was any job or apprentice vacancies?
Thank you

20.09 | 09:22

Hello I am a local saxophonist who understands how important music can be to people. I am offering my services at a small fee to come and entertain residents. Please contact me if you are interested.

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