Catering at Merrie Loots Farm is of a very high standard. We believe in buying and using the best local fresh produce and use very little processed food in our menus.

We source our meat from a local butcher, our vegetables from a local supplier and complete our shopping with 2 grocery deliveries from other major catering suppliers.

Our menu's are designed to be both appetising and nutritious and our menu is based around a four week cycle which changes regularly along with the seasons and residents requests, thus providing variety.

Visual Communication Aids

At the home we cater for specialist diets including residents who are diabetic, people with allergies, and of course residents' preferences and general likes and dislikes.

We have fresh fruit readily available and residents are encouraged to have fresh fruit juice with meals.

We also have Visual Communication Aids available for all our menu's to assist those living with dementia or communication problems to make menu choices.

Tea-time/supper/breakfast trolley

We also have refreshments available throughout the day and night should residents wish to have tea, coffee, sandwiches, biscuits etc. at any time.

We have staff available to assist those residents who need help with their food and drink and we are able to provide pureed or fortified food should this be required.

Latest comments

14.10 | 23:02

I am looking to work with you as a care support staff, I have worked with a care home for about a month were I did one to one so I have a bit of experience in taking care of the elderly

11.10 | 11:50

Hi over the past few weeks something has been bothering me, the amount of dog mess that i see outside on your decking. This is not just a one off its constant. its every time i visit.

07.10 | 11:51

I live very local to you and I was wondering if there was any job or apprentice vacancies?
Thank you

20.09 | 09:22

Hello I am a local saxophonist who understands how important music can be to people. I am offering my services at a small fee to come and entertain residents. Please contact me if you are interested.

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